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Meet Jacob Nolen

Jacob Nolen grew up and currently resides in Gallatin, Tennessee. He is a student of the game and has been in it since he was 6 years old. He not only sees struggles in the golf swing but embraces them. His number one goal is to help other people enjoy the game he loves. Whether you are a PGA tour player or a beginner player, you are always accepted. Jacob knows a lot about the golf swing because he lived the competitive golf life for his entire childhood. From middle school golf to college golf, Jacob learned about life and about the game, which solidified his choice to teach the game. 


Jacob's Philosophy

Golf is one of the most complex, yet simple games known to man. With so many moving parts, you have one singular goal: getting the ball in the hole in the least number of strokes. Consistency is key in the game of golf. Consistency is derived from repetition. Now, knowing what you need to repeat is a massive part of this. As you practice the wrong things, you engrain bad habits into the game. This in turn can make the game less enjoyable and nearly unbearable. With my main goal making the game enjoyable for everyone, I focus on just a few things to keep it simple. Controlling your ball striking, controlling your emotions, and controlling your short game, which will help you control your results.  While teaching is reminding players of fundamentals, the other thing it does is grow and develop the things you do well. Distance, line, angles, positions, and balance are my main teaching points with ball striking. When we get you in a position to succeed, you WILL see the results. 



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Jacob utilizes the Taylormade performance center based at Twelve Stones Golf Club in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. This gives the client a climate controlled, top of the line facility to improve their game. In addition to state of the art technology, a fully functional driving range, and the golf course are utilized for all playing lessons/short game lessons.

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